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Apple Watch: Why You Need To Get One

With the Apple Watch 3 hitting the market recently, interest in the Smartwatch sector is at an all time high. We have a look into the Apple Watch range, and see why having one of these devices can supplement your everyday life.

At its most basic, a Watch is designed to simply display the time to the wearer. The Apple Watch complies with this trend, with the screen flicking into life with a twist of the wrist. But as this is a Smartwatch it’s understandable to expect more, which is where the Apple Watch really comes into its own.

You can customise the face of the watch, to include features such as an Alarm, Weather, Pedometer, upcoming Calendar events and even the latest stocks, available at just a glance. You can have it notify you of the latest scores of your favourite team, contact Siri, or stream your music from your watch.

Many people use a Smartwatch as a personal health fitness tool. A lot of the marketing around the Apple Watch is focused on health and fitness, so Apple clearly see this as one of the main applications of the device. With built in Heart rate monitors, GPS, step counting and even amount of stairs climbed, the Apple Watch keeps you informed of your activity throughout the day. There’s also a dedicated “Workout” app that will also track Runs, Bike Rides and Swims, even giving you detailed maps of your routes taken.


For all users of the Apple Watch, one of the main benefits is that notifications appear directly on the watch. Get a message during an important meeting or class that you can’t check? Now you don’t need to pull your phone out to check it, just glance at your wrist. For notifications ranging from Facebook and Twitter messages, to turn-by-turn driving directions, the Apple Watch can really aid your everyday life.

The new Apple Watch 3 + Cellular even has basic phone and messaging features, allowing you to quickly reply to or answer incoming messages and calls, which is incredibly convenient if you leave your phone in a bag or charging elsewhere.


If any of these features are intriguing to you, then it is definitely worth giving the Apple Watch a go. Once you get one, you’ll wonder how you ever went without it.

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