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12 Strange Accessories For Your Phone

We all want our phones to stand out and have cool accessories, but some of the things on sale are just weird. Take a look at 12 of the strangest ideas we have found for you.

Solo cam

  • Another Selfie stick adaption, this one allows you to broadcast or record interviews and vlogs and even comes with a reporter style microphone.


Cell Mate

  • A metal headband that stretches over your head to hold your phone for you. Surely Bluetooth is a better idea?


TV hat

  • This hat allows you to attach a phone and have a personal cinematic experience anywhere you are. You might attract some weird looks however when using this.


Panono 360 degree Camera

  • A panoramic camera device with 36 cameras, you throw the Panono into the air to take pictures.  You can then view them in the app on your smartphone. If you have butterfingers and drop things a lot you can always hold it or use a stick attachment.



  • Want to take a decent booty pic but can’t get the angle? Well now there are Selfie sticks. For your bum….


  • Get more control over your texting with this accessory. Sure it might look a bit odd wearing it in public but you will never hit a wrong button again.


Toilet Roll Speaker

  • For people that get bored in the toilet and want to listen to some music, without having to hold their phone. Just attach your iPhone or iPod to it and sit back and relax……


BacTrack Breathalyser

  • Need to see if you are over the limit? Well use this and see instantly on your smartphone if you are safe to drive.


Payphone Adapter

  • Just plug this into your phone for that Payphone experience you’ve missed so much…..might make a nice novelty gift however.


Pet Tree

  • Take a bit of nature with you wherever you go. Probably meant for people that keep pet rocks too.


Usb Typewriter

  • Type up your letters, e-mails, and stories like a writer of old on this USB typewriter accessory for tablets. But at least the keys won’t get stuck on this version.


Windscreen Wiper

  • Never have problems with rain over your screen in the middle of a storm again. With this handy accessory your screen will stay clear and visible, although I’m not quite sure how you would use the touchscreen while it’s on……
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