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Want the Benefits of a New iPad 6 Without the Cost?

It’s easy to see why the iPad 6 is an extremely popular device amongst the public, as it has a variety of top-end features. Whether talking about its built-in stereo speakers or its retina display, owning an iPad 6 is most definitely something that lots of people aspire to do.

iPad 6

Before we look into how you can get that new iPad 6 feeling without the undesirable feeling of paying the cost that comes with it, we look now in closer detail at some of the other features that make this device such an excellent one to use for work and for play.

Superlative Display

One of the most striking characteristics of the iPad 6 is its 9.7-inch screen with its smear-free oleophobic coating. Able to support Apple Pencil and give your photos and videos a bold vividity, this screen is something that makes this tablet hard to put down. Every LED backlights each pixel to give it stunning brilliance that just jumps out at you when playing games, watching videos or getting some face time with the family.

Photos for Keeps

In terms of camera, the iPad 6 is well-served with 8 megapixels, an embedded M10 coprocessor, burst control and autofocus. Throw in the wonderful Panorama Mode that offers a singularly unique photo opportunity and Auto Image Stabilization for super-sharp images, the camera capabilities of the iPad 6 negate the need to use separate equipment for those family photo keepsakes. Able to be used as a camera, video camera, TV or games machine, the iPad 6 serves as an adequate replacement for a number of different traditional electrical devices, such is its multi-functionality.

Secure Operating System

Going online in the modern day is only a good idea when you do so on equipment that’s protected against the myriad of viruses and identity thieves that are out there. The good news is that the iPad 6 comes with iOS 12, which is not only really easy to use but about as secure as they come. Packed with constantly updating security protocols, your iPad 6’s data is secure.

How to Get your iPad 6 For Less!

So, we’ve arrived at the interesting bit that you’ve all been waiting for – how you can get the benefit of an iPad 6 for less. Well, we’re talking about a preowned iPad 6, which has every bit of the functionality and excitement that you get when you buy one new. Your buyer’s rights are protected too, as we offer a full 12-month warranty, a 14-day change of mind guarantee and a price that’s significantly less than you’d otherwise pay.

If you’d like to know more about this awesome way to get top tech for less, head over to our website or if it’s advice you’re after, call our friendly team on 020 3538 8950 who will be more than happy to give you the benefit of their extensive experience.

Thanks for reading. Check back with us soon for more on owning the best iPads, iPods, iPhones and Apple Watch tech for less.

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